dejting appar ¤ terminalF, cmdTerminalF, et al


terminalF :: dejt stockholm sommar -> Int -> Int -> dejt stockholm restaurang String a
cmdTerminalF :: första dejt stockholm -> Int -> Int -> nätdejting populärt TerminalCmd a
dejta gift man data TerminalCmd = TermText String | TermAppend String | TermClear


terminalF fname nrows ncols

dejtingsidor för rika


terminalF is an embryo to a terminal window. Currently, it can only show and scroll lines of text. There is no visible cursor, and no cursor control.

bästa nätdejting


Lines of text to be displayed.



dejtingsida otrogna


bästa dejtingtipsen fname :: varför är nätdejting populärt
Name of the font to use for text. Fonts can be examined by using the command xfontsel. (This argument is likely to disappear in the near future. It will be replaced by some resource mechanism.)
bästa dejtingsida nrows :: Int
The number of rows
bästa dejtingsajt ncols :: Int
The number of colums

bästa dejting app 2016

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